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''Success is best when it is shared'.'

Meet the Team



Nutrition Coach,

Personal Trainer

Jackie is a former Canadian Forces reservist who is well known to the local community for her kindness and impressive qualifications. In her free time, she practices several disciplines, including CrossFit, dance, Spartan races, softball, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and boxing.

Jackie is passionate about women's fitness and helping the ''underdog.'' She makes her clients feel at ease and encourages them in their pursuit of their health and wellness goals. She also helps them with their nutrition journey, whether they are aiming for weight loss or simply overall well-being.

Certifications: Nutrition, Personal training, Functional patterns, Agatsu Kettlebells, Maces and Club, Yoga, Pilates, Active aging, CPR

Erin Ouimet.png


Personal Trainer

Erin's journey in the world of fitness has been nothing short of inspiring. Her passion for fitness has been a constant in her life, and a decade ago, she took that passion to the next level. As a certified Zumba instructor, Erin's dedication to staying fit and healthy has always shone through. Over the years, she has honed her skills and expertise, specializing in functional training that encompasses everything from working with kettlebells to mastering functional patterns.

A true enthusiast, Erin's commitment to precision and perfecting movement forms is remarkable. Her attention to detail is unparalleled, ensuring that every motion is executed flawlessly. Her dedication to the art of movement aligns seamlessly with our mission at BeeFit, making her an exceptional addition to our team.



Pilates Trainer

Meghan is a fully certified Pilates Process® instructor and teacher trainer, specializing in both fitness and therapeutic Pilates. A graduate of York University with a BFA Honors in Dance, Meghan has always been passionate about movement, physical health and the human form.


She was introduced to the world of Pilates for rehabilitative reasons postpartum. Intrigued by how movement could be used as a therapeutic tool, she transitioned her teaching career to become a Pilates instructor. Meghan also currently works as a physiotherapy assistant.

Certifications: Pilates, Dance, CPR

lilja coahc umma.jpg


Personal Trainer

From a very young age, Jalil has been immersed in competitive sports. He has namely competed in tennis, soccer, kickboxing, muay thai and boxing. Most notably, he was a silver medalist at the Provincial Kickboxing Championship several years ago. His passion for sports naturally led him to take an interest in fitness, nutrition and general healthy habits. After studying biology and kinesiology at  Université de Montréal, he turned to group and private coaching in martial arts, then studied fitness (ISSA) and nutrition (weight loss and athletes).

Thanks to his various certifications, Jalil is uniquely positioned to offer comprehensive coaching services to his clients, wherever they may be in their health and fitness journey. 

Certifications: Personal training, Boxing, Kickboxing, BNB, CPR

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